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A Year of Health and Vitality in Pixels

Did you set any goals for 2021? Do you have a method for tracking progress towards achieving those goals?

In today's blog, I am offering up a free printable version of this tracker to help you attain your goals. I am also sharing ten of our top ten nutrition and lifestyle habits.

A friend of mine, Amanda, introduced me to this habit tracker – a great way to visualize your progress towards your goals for the year, and, if you like coloured pens and pencils like I do, it’s actually kinda fun!

What I love about this tracker is that it is focused on behavioural outcomes – things we actually have control over (actions and behaviours) vs outcomes that we don’t (i.e. numbers on a scale or tape measure or times for a 5k). Sure, we can work towards those number goals – by using action-oriented behaviours.

Amanda uses the tracker to track her fitness activities/movement. In the photo above, she chose a different colour for each of her activities (Crossfit, yoga, running, barbell club, and ‘other’) that she planned to participate in and also another colour for rest. Note: rest and recovery are important parts of movement goals. Without proper rest and recovery, we sacrifice quality of training and often enjoyment of moving our bodies.

I love that she picked an achievable goal of being active for 50% of the year – meaningful and attainable. 🌟

When choosing your goals this year, I encourage you to choose SMARTER goals:

S – Specific – Make sure to name WHAT you will do. The more specific and smaller the steps the better. In this example, Amanda chose specific activities i.e. crossfit, barbell club, yoga, running and other.

M – Measurable, Meaningful, Motivational – Choose goals that are meaningful to YOU and that you are motivated to work towards. Make sure they are measurable by setting a time (such as 20 minutes), number of times per week or in this case number of times per year that the activity is done.

A – Action-Oriented - Make sure your goals involve actions or behaviours – losing 10 pounds is NOT an action; moving your body or eating 5 servings of colourful plants IS!

R – Relevant, Realistic - Make goals relevant and realistic for YOU. If you’re only moving your body once per week now, aim for twice per week – that’s doubling what you currently do! Once you’re rocking that consistently for a couple of weeks or more, then reassess and decide if it is realistic to add another day.

T – Trackable, Time-oriented, Tuned In to Your Values. How will you keep track of progress towards your goals? Choose the length of time you want to focus on your habit. I suggest two weeks minimum before adding on another goal. Choose goals that align with your values and vision (your why), you’ll be much more likely to stick with them when the going gets tough.

E – Exciting, Encourage risk-taking or stretching a bit out of your comfort zone. Choosing goals that stretch us out of our comfort zones can seem a bit scary but also energizing and empowering.

R – Reward – it’s important to celebrate successes no matter how small. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just make sure to acknowledge it and celebrate it. Success breeds success.

In our Women’s Nutrition and Fitness Program, we practice 25 habits over the course of a year. Each habit is focused on for two weeks before another habit is added on. Below I share ten of our most important goals that we use in our program.

The Year in Pixels tracker is a great method to track progress towards these goals.

Here’s how:

Assign a different habit to each month and colour code how you do with that goal each day. Like this:

Red – didn’t do the habit today, but that’s okay. Tomorrow is another day!

Yellow – meh, I partially did the habit. I’ll do a little better tomorrow!

Green – nailed it! Yay Me!

Here are those ten top nutrition and lifestyle habits:

1. Eat slowly

2. Eat to 80% full

3. Eat lean protein with each meal

4. Eat at least 5 servings of colourful plants

5. Make smart carb choices

6. Eat healthy fats

7. Plan health and vitality friendly meals

8. Record your intake

9. Create and use a sleep ritual

10. Practice 20 minutes of de-stressing

In our Women’s Nutrition and Fitness Programs we dive into each habit with a short daily lesson to help you learn about, practice and tweak your progress on each habit for two weeks before adding on the next habit. This allows clients to experiment with each habit to see what works best for them and to actually make it a habit that fits into their life.

If you’d like to learn more or get support with incorporating these habits into YOUR life to help you eat, move and live better, our Women’s Nutrition and Fitness Programs open up on Thursday, January 7, 2021.

To learn more go HERE.

Not sure which program is right for you? Schedule a FREE consult to learn which program is the right fit for you.

Spots are limited in order to provide individual support and attention to each client. Save your spot by e-mailing me at or by scheduling a FREE consult here.

Otherwise, please feel free to use the printable tracker, Vitality Health Year in Pixels, below to help you achieve your 2021 goals.

What goals will you track this year?

Vitality Health Year In Pixels
Download PDF • 1.71MB


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