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Coach Anita

Hi, I’m Anita

I am a life and wellness coach, and former physical therapist with a passion to help passion-driven women create and sustain vitality at work and at home. My entire professional life has been centred around helping others to thrive by optimizing physical and mental wellbeing through movement, nutrition and mind-body practices and I'd love to share that expertise with you!

I've coached working moms, entrepreneurs, health care professionals and non-profit executives throughout North America and the United Kingdom. While individual goals vary, a common thread among these high functioning women is a passion and calling to help others.  And when you live a calling at home or at work, there is often more work than there is you to go around - overwork, overwhelm and lack of support saps you of your best energy and distracts you from what's most important.  Through awareness coaching and aligning your strengths, values and purpose, clients are able to bring their best and focused energy to the people and the work that matter most.  


I’m a nature and lake lover – born and raised in Northwestern Ontario and now living in Simcoe County with my husband, two young adult sons, two labrador retrievers and two cats. I love to hike and SUP and can often be found exploring and enjoying our nearby trails and lakes whenever I can.  

Want to learn more?  Let's chat.  I'd love to know your goals and dreams and what would be possible if you could cultivate more inner peace and vitality at home and at work.

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