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How are you practicing gratitude and savouring experiences this Thanksgiving?

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

🍁 Happy Thanksgiving 🍁

This Thanksgiving is certainly very different from other years with social distancing and household bubbles, yet, I find myself incredibly grateful for so many things that I had sadly begun to take for granted.


As life has somewhat slowed down over the past 7 months I have really begun to be more intentional with nurturing the relationships with my family and friends-who-are-like-family.


I’ve also been getting into nature and onto our vast number of trails and appreciating Mother Nature’s beauty at least once and often twice per day...thanks to #emmytheyellowlab


And…I have been very intentional about eating, moving and living...better.

Here are a few thoughts on being more intentional this Thanksgiving weekend:

Eat...better: Eating better doesn’t only mean eating healthier. It also means honoring our bodies by paying attention to hunger and fullness cues. It also means eating mindfully and savoring, enjoying and being grateful for the foods we eat. So, go ahead. Enjoy that Thanksgiving meal and the company around you…mindfully and with intention.


Move...better: Moving better doesn’t mean exercising to ‘earn’ our calories/dessert. Moving better refers to moving our bodies to promote health and vitality (physically, emotionally and mentally). Get outside and get your limbs flapping and heart pumping and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you...whether that’s walking, hiking, cycling, running, raking or playing.


Live...Better: I have been practicing looking at life through a lens of mindful self-compassion (Kristen Neff and Chris Germer) as well as sharing this practice with my coaching clients:

Mindfulness: being aware of and acknowledging feelings and emotions as they come up.

Common Humanity: recognizing and acknowledging that I/we are not alone in these feelings.

Loving Kindness: extending loving kindness to myself/ourselves through touch (i.e. a hand to your heart) and kind, encouraging self-talk.


How are you savouring your experiences and practicing gratitude while eating, moving a living better this Thanksgiving weekend?


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