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No Rules. No Restrictions. Just Good Habits for Life.

Don't struggle on your own.  Get lasting results you never thought possible with expert

personalized coaching and accountability from Coach Anita


vi – tal – i – ty


'The state of being strong and active; energy'


Synonyms: liveliness, life, energy, spirit, exuberance, bounce, vibrancy,

vim, pep, zest, sparkle, passion, fire, vigor.



I'm Anita Perrigo, The Vitality Coach


If you're a professional woman looking to bring

your full and best energy to the people and work you love,

Vitality Coaching and Consulting can help.

With a focus on integrating healthy habits, stress management

and mindfulness into your life, I'll work with you to build

wellbeing and resilience and make sure

you stay at your peak vitality.


A 12-month habit based coaching program to help you move, eat, live and think with vitality.


  • Build strength, have more energy

  • Achieve your goals even when life is busy

  • Get the support you need - every step of the way

  • Health benefits beyond weight loss

  • One on One Coaching - done right

* limited spots available


Harness the power personalized coaching. Areas of focus may include:

  • Building skills to handle stress

  • Resilience

  • Mindfulness + Meditation

  • Healthy Habits/Lifestyle Skills

  • Work-life Integration/Balance

  • Navigating Uncertainty

  • Rumination/Critical Thinking

  • Emotion Management

  • Time, energy + priority management

* limited spots available

Align your time, energy + priorities

Feeling overwhelmed by life's demands?

In this on-demand course I'll teach you practical skills and tools to align your time, energy + priorities with what's most important to you so you are able to bring your full + best energy to the people and the work and that you love.

I work with professional women to 

help you bring your full + best energy to

the people and the work that you love by optimizing your well-being.   I'll work with you to set goals and learn skills and tools to manage stress, build resilience and cultivate healthy habits.


Coaching can transform your life by providing the tools

and skills to reach your goals. 

Work with me to increase your mindfulness, manage stress, and build resilience

to live the life of vitality you were created to. 

'They Said'

Anita's coaching style is strengths-based, honest and transformative. 

She has a talent for creating self-awareness and pushing clients forward in what is important to them.

I appreciate the tools she provides me and am grateful for the personal and professional growth I have gained during my time working with her.

Angella Schroller

Educational Leader 

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